WX01L Atomization Sterilizer

WX01L  Atomization Sterilizer


Product Applications & Functions
This is a portable pneumatic water-cooling atomization sterilizer.
Using method: Connect 0.6-0.8mpa atmospheric pressure to the bottom connector of the device handle,
fill the spare bottle with diluted disinfectant,then pull to start the atomizing switch, the disinfectant in the
bottle spraying under the function of the atmospheric pressure.
(If there are some spaces can’t see clearly, you can press the switch to turn on the flashlight, the LED
lights can iluminate all the space including poor sight areas, then extending the vision without leaving off
any contaminated area. )
Application in car and home indoor space that with odor, bacteria and formaldehyde. Using together with
disinfectant can decompose odor, kill bacteria and purify air efficiently.

Product Features
1. Neoteric appearance, comfortable handhold.
2. Flashlight function, highlight LED, extending the vision without leaving off any contaminated area.
3. Equipped with 18650 battery, strong battery life.
4. USB direct charge, no need to disassemble the battery, more convenient and safer.
5. Using stainless steel fan-shaped nozzle, wide spraying area, uniform spray, not easy to block.
6. Using high-strength plastic tee, no chemical reaction with the liquid, no clogging caused by corrosion and
oxidation, durable.
7. Equipped gravity ball for the suction tube, with gravity it can always keep under the liquid no matter how
you hold the sterilizer. So that the spray is smooth.
8. Multilayer protection with high-quality sealing ring, strengthen the sealing, never leak.
9. No heating, no change the liquid’s properties.


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