Former new car also gradually become the old, the problem also more and more! “Cold start difficult”, “half a day big fire”, “speed is more and more slow”, “fuel consumption is higher and higher… All sorts of problems such as followed. And Beijing hyundai was introduced a high-tech diagnosis before the year-end, car videoscope will allow you to experience different testing way.

Like a gastroscope, carefully to the end.

Gastroscope for medical clinical use on the car, this is the “car videoscope”, it can easily detect diagnosis of automobile engines, cylinder, fuel pipes, engine, water tank, fuel tank, and so on and so forth. It will greatly reduce the diagnosis time and cost, at the same time to avoid the damages caused by repeatedly disassembling of auto machine.

If serious can lead to internal carbon chengdu car driving on the way in many dangerous situations, do car maintenance is very important for you and your family. If there is need to do car internal mechanical test can go to have a car of videoscope repair shop, also can come to our factory, we can do it for you free car testing.


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