Now health more and more attention by people, the safety and efficiency of medical check update. Now with the widespread use of video borescope, let’s eyes in scope and more real, is mainly due to the video borescope to clear some of the inner structure of machinery show in front of our eyes, and it can be widely used in the market to welcome, so why say video borescope can let our eyes more real picture?
By the QBH video borescope below small make up to introduce to you: the third eye – video borescope:

First of all, this kind of video borescope because of its advanced technology to make it real and clear image has good feeling, but also the image magnification can be clear to observe. And video borescope in use not only has the function of taking pictures but also be able to video and store it up, can better to look at it. In addition, because the camera is made by oil glass cover, so its in use has good durability, and not easy to corrode, can use for a long time.


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