Video borescope as a nondestructive testing tool, has been widely used in major areas, such as electric power, aviation, construction, petroleum and petrochemical, automobile and other fields with the improvement of manufacturing technology, industrial endoscope has become small and light, more and more easy to carry, to adapt to the complex environment, such as in the field work.

In general, industrial endoscope inspection to the environment request is not high, only to detect the scene around the strong electromagnetic interference or severe voltage fluctuations will have a bad influence on testing equipment; At the same time, the temperature and humidity environment should meet the requirements of equipment, otherwise easy to damage to industrial endoscope equipment, such as low temperature can lead to a flexible probe harden brittle, high temperature will affect the cooling equipment. Too bright light can reduce the resolution to the human eye, impact testing image contrast, generally does not allow testing in strong light such as under direct sunlight, should try to choose the light is downy, quiet indoor environment.

Such as the application in coal-fired power plant:

In coal-fired power plants and vulnerable to the steam turbine and generator in nuclear power plant, water and particles of high temperature, pressure, wear and tear, damage caused by vibration and impact. If we through the small open holes and cracks at the damaged turbine blade inspection, will be a very tedious work and severe challenges. However, industrial endoscope can be tested through the limited channel, not only convenient for the staff, more importantly reduces the downtime and the needs of the main components of disassembly and cost.


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