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Quality Borescope on The Car Wash Show in Las Vegas 2018 ...

As the manager of Quality Borescope Home, Josh and I visited The Car Wash Show at April 26-28 in Las Vegas. This visit is very successful, acquired a lot of information about borescope market of America, and also achieved primary cooperation with several companies. It’s a very large market which borescope is already popular, but Cleaning Borescope is still totally empty.
We showed our cleaning borescope to some of the exhibiting companies, they all showed great curiosity and interest. They never seen this kind of product before. So many of companies asked us for the sample of AV7823 cleaning borescope, but we only brought little samples to the exhibition ,we had to send them later. Excitingly, we achieved primary cooperation with Mosmatic Corporation, they are going to purchase 100pcs of borescope selling to American market.

We took many pictures of the exhibition, it’s a perfect place for a party, I always get new ideas from conversations at this networking event. The subject of this exhibition is about car washing, including 6 kinds of products :①Whole car automatic Cleaning equipment.②Car crew room Cleaning equipment.③Car Cleaning tools and kinds of parts.④Cleaning fabrics and brush tools.⑤Car Cleaning liquid.⑥Software classes. Borescope belongs to the 3rd products.

Cleaning borescope is a branch of Inspection borescope, it’s applied in visual cleaning especially in car air-conditioner washing. It’s very popular in Asia area in recent years. There is a snake tube camera with liquid tube in the front,and an air tube connector at the bottom to receive air which blow the liquid from the liquid bottle to the atomizing nozzle. The camera and screen allow users to see where eyes can not reach.
In general, cleaning borescope has a very large potential in American market, we believe that we will do a very well job in American market in the future。

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