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Cleaning borescope and New modle KS02 stars in CIAACE ...

In the past 1stto 3rd July 7, 2018, QBH Technology borescope camera manufacturer attended the 27th Guangzhou International Exhibition of Automotive products, Auto Parts & Post-market Services exhibition fair, After one month preparation and 3 days hardworking, QBH borescope camera reach fruitful success. Cleaning borescope camera AV7823 is still the star among items. New model KS02 also interested a lot of customers. 

AV7823 cleaning borescope is already widely used in car air conditioner evaporator cleaning, with its strong function, the regular customers brings us the feedback about how it helps with a car air conditioner service done from technician in a car service shop. It is helpful, no need much detaching on dashboard, only takes about 20-25 minutes to clean a car air conditioner. 

The new model KS02 borescope camera, with high quality of image display, when customers come to QBH borescope camera booth, they require to see the best recommended model, then KS02 is the first choice to demo to them. 

NDT idea come to the end user which is good news to borescope camera manufacturer. It means a the market is mature and their need will be regular. Thus in this CIAACE, we not only got some item which will finally turn out to be large quantity orders, but also got the message from the end user about borescope camera wedly used in car service shop.

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