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How to check car engine?

How to check car engine?

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After the car has been working for a long time, the engine will have carbon deposits. If it is not cleaned in time, it will affect the performance of the car. Therefore, we need to check the combustion chamber of the car frequently for carbon deposits to ensure that the engine is in a clean and safe state. . Usually we will drive the car to the repair shop for maintenance, but the maintenance fee is expensive, so here I recommend a convenient and practical endoscope for you, which can be used many times, environmental protection and energy saving, and you can also check the carbon deposition status of the car by yourself. , and it is convenient and quick to use. The best endoscope for car care. 

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1. we need to take the tool to remove the parts, and then take out this borescope or industrial endoscope.Use QBH borescope camera is convenient,a professional company main in borescope inspection camera.

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2.we need to boot our QBH video borescope set up it and then make the sewer camera inspection the combustion chamber.also you can use it as a pipe camera to inspection the pipline or borehold inspection camera.this industrial endoscope inspection camera is is dual lens rod lens endoscope. it's flexible borescope flexible snake tube.and it's waterproof design can make it as an underwater camera.

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