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why QBH ignition coil tester is important

In terms of car insurance and safety, it is very important to have a QBH spark block ignition analysis tool. Spark block ignition analysis is a kind of analysis that can be used to analyze the spark block device, transit, the vehicle's combustion status, and when the vehicle's potential problem occurs, take appropriate measures to ensure the normal operation and safety of the vehicle.

I. Importance of Spark-like Action Sum

The spark block is one of the important parts of the engine ignition system, and the effect is when the engine pressure is closed. The importance of QBH sparks in the ability to operate normally has a direct impact on the combustion effect of the mixed gas, which has an effect on the mechanical dynamics, the resilience and the discharge.Second, spark block ignition analysis and other effects

Spark obstruction ignition analysis is a kind of problem that can be used to measure spark obstruction analysis equipment, so please understand the following information:

1.Spark power gap: the power gap is the key factor of spark plug, passing analysis can be done to measure spark plug power gap if it is in normal range, if the gap is too large or too small, the effect of spark plug ignition will be.
2.Spark plug electrode material: Through analysis, the spark plug electrode material can be measured, and the spark plug is determined according to the mechanical requirements. Inconsistent product label and type spark plug with different materials, improper use will affect the service life of the machine.
3.Spark block electric polishing: Through analysis can measure the spark block electric polishing degree, how the polishing will affect the ignition effect of the spark block, which will affect the dynamics and the dynamics of the machine.
4.Spark block rupture: Spark block short circuit caused by the rupture of the body, resulting in mechanical ignition effect. Through analysis, it is possible to measure whether the body is broken or not, and when it is replaced by sparks.
5.Spark plug: Can be analyzed through passing analysis, and can be used to measure spark plugs on the surface, and determine the combustion effect of the engine. The result is a combination of dynamic dynamics and multi-effects.
6.Spark block ignition analysis through use, understand the spark block usage conditions, potential problems, take corresponding measures, ensure normal operation and safety.

3. How to use the spark block ignition analysis and proceed with maintenance and safety

Use QBH spark plug ignition analysis to proceed with protection and safety steps below:

1.Selective analysis: Selective spark block ignition analysis of the root car model number. The requirements for spark plugs for vehicles with different product numbers are different, and the reason for this is a comparable analysis of the selection of vehicles.
2.Instrument readiness: Before use, ensure the instrument readiness of the analysis. Possible reference analysis instrumental operation explanation progress, confirmation measurement results can be confirmed.
3.Unloading sparks: The vehicle will be parked in a flat area with a good climate, the trigger will be activated, the location of the sparks that will meet the demand, and the operation will be explained in a safe area.
4.Progress check: During the current spark block injection analysis, the control operation description progress check. Attention observation test result, base test result judgment spark block situation.
5.Receiving measures: Based on the results of the survey, taking corresponding measures. As a result, the spark blockage quantity is poor or the condition is poor, and the demand and time are changed or processed. At the same time, every time there is a spark block during the next maintenance period, it is guaranteed that the machine will operate normally.
Please note that the firework ignition analysis is important for vehicle maintenance and safety. Through regular inspections and insurance, the driver can take appropriate measures to deal with potential problems during delivery, ensuring the normal operation and safety of the vehicle. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure correct use and operation of the instrument, ensuring effective measurement
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