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QBH UW18 Android Apple Dual System Mobile Phone Steering Endoscope

    UW18 intelligent steering endoscope is mainly used in various aspects of the field of automobile repair and maintenance. Through the image and video functions of the endoscope, it can realize non-destructive inspection of small parts and places that cannot be directly observed by human eyes; it is widely used in aviation, automobiles, etc. , pipelines, mechanical equipment, chemical industry and other testing fields.
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    UW18 is a multi-functional tool device with two-way 180°rotation detection function, camera and video storage function; equipped with high-definition imaging camera, LED 4-level brightness adjustment, waterproof and oil-resistant, and supports one-key recording of detailed images; outstanding battery performance, The power supply is sufficient. Overall, it can improve the efficiency and reliability of auto repair work, reduce repair costs, ensure repair quality and provide users with a better experience.

Main features

Two-way 180° steering lens
    The two-way 180° steering lens can provide a wider field of view and accurate problem location, effectively reduce the number of operations and improve safety, making endoscopic observation more efficient and accurate.

One-click photo and video recording
    By using the one-button camera and video function of the endoscope, the auto repair technician can record the car problems found in time and quickly locate the problem, avoiding unnecessary disassembly and inspection, thereby improving work efficiency.

· LED light adjustment camera equipped with 4 levels of brightness adjustment
The LED light provides sufficient light source to make the internal condition of the car clearly visible; 3 levels of brightness can be adjusted to meet the observation needs of different light environments.

· The IP67 waterproof camera has both super waterproof and oil-resistant performance, and is easily suitable for wet pipes or oil tanks.

· 3000mAh lithium battery
    The built-in 3000mAH rechargeable lithium battery has super endurance and can provide up to 3 hours of use time, which fully guarantees the power supply during work.

· Support multiple mobile devices
    The imaging screen can be displayed by connecting mobile devices such as Android or Apple mobile phones, Hongmeng mobile phone systems, etc., making it easy to display details.

· Auxiliary use of APP
    After the user completes the APP installation according to the operation guidelines in turn, the user can set in the APP to generate a PDF image inspection sheet after the observation, so as to obtain an effective diagnosis basis.

· Wide range of application scenarios
    It is suitable for many fields, such as automobile maintenance, mechanical maintenance, construction industry, electric power facilities, pipeline chemical industry, security monitoring and other fields, with strong tolerance and outstanding use value.

    The integrated bracket is equipped with an integrated mobile device bracket. The angle of the mobile device can be adjusted through the adjustment knob of the bracket. It can be placed flexibly. By rotating the steering wheel, the camera can be rotated 180 degrees left and right, which is convenient for viewing different positions. Adjusting the damping rotation can make the camera bend No rebound, precise positioning of the picture, flexible control, and easy to meet the needs of image presentation.
· Ergonomic design
    The integrated machine body can realize one-handed control and operation; the handheld design conforms to the principles of ergonomics, making it more comfortable and convenient to use.
One year warranty, dedicated service

    For the damage caused by non-human factors, we will promise to resend the parts for free within one year. For any needs, we warmly welcome you to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible within 24 hours.

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