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Visual Inspecting Cleaning Borescope: A Better Soluiton for Smell in Your Car

    Firstly, This QBH AV7828 cleaning borescope combined visibility and cleaning together, which provide great convience for users when they clean their car air conditioner evaporator. Secondly, the product has a flexible metal snake tube that can reach somewhere human eye can not access. And its snake tube is equipped with 450000 pixels camera and LED light for visible cleaning process to ensure complete cleaning. In addiiton to, this product has a stong and wide spraying nozzle that can birng forth a spray that flush dust and bacteria out. Cleaning car air conditioning evaporator help a fresh and salubrious air within car.                       


    1.Total cleaning: This product is mainly designed to cleaning cars air conditioning evaporator. It integrate viusal inpsection and cleaning, improving cleaning efficiency. When using it, users can watch somewhere they are cleaning clearly to ensure whether they clean completely.

    2.Visible cleaning: LED camera light allows users to obtain real-time reflection of cleaning process in order to thorough cleaning.

    3.Multi- applicaiton: this product is widely used in the car air conditioning cleaning, but this porduct can be used in other equipment you want to clean.


    1. Easy operation: This product is ergonomic and streamlined, making a comfortable grip. And this product just has several buttons. Just installing a bottle of detergent and starting the cleaning borescope can achieve the cleaning of car air conditioning evaporator.

    2. Time saving: Only needing a bottle of detergent and a cleaning borescope, you can achieve clean and fresh in-car environment.

    3.Cost-saving:regularly cleaning of car air conditioning evaporator can reduce the cost of auto repair. And this product is endurable and affordable. Addtionally, visual cleaning gun allow you to cope with the problem by yourself.


    The visual inspecting cleaning borescope is mainly used in car evaporator cleaning, to clean small spaces and dead angles where human eye can not access. Its unique features and functions make it an useful helper for car owner. 

    Please read user manual before using it. And follow the guidelines in the user manual. Safety must be a fisrt policy.

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