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2-Way Articulating Borescope: A Wonderful Collision between Times and Technology

When you are still worried about not being able to deeply detect the internal faults of the car, and when you are still feeling frustrated and depressed about not seeing the internal situation of the pipeline, have you ever thought about using external tools. Or what kind of testing tool have you thought about using to solve it? At this point, our endoscope is completely customized for you.

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Appearance: Keeping up with the trend of the times, thisendoscope is designed to be eye-catching. The harmonious combination of black and red is both stylish and cute. A moderately sized handle is both convenient to operate and easy to grip.

Product features:

1. Camera: The lens can rotate freely on both sides, and there are no dead angles when viewed 360 degrees. The operation is flexible and easy to understand. 2 million ultra high definition pixels, with a resolution of up to 1600 * 1200, provide you with the most realistic and efficient visual feedback to the maximum extent, without missing any details and corners. In addition, it also has the characteristics of being waterproof and oil resistant.

2. LED light: A four level brightness adjustable LED light with low working voltage, high efficiency, energy conservation, and long service life. It can help you illuminate any dark corner and is an excellent assistant for cameras.

3. Snake tube: A slender and flexible tube that can enter small enclosed spaces at will, providing the possibility for us to detect narrow areas that cannot be seen by the naked eyes. This snake tube has good elasticity and is not easy to damage the detection area. It is also made using a complex process made of tungsten wire, which is durable and not easy to rust.

4. Battery: 2000mAh lithium battery, with a long cycle life, going green and environmental protection, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly. Strong adaptability to the surrounding environment, resistant to high temperatures and suitable for low temperatures.

5. Photo and video recording function: As long as you download the mobile app, you can take photos and record videos. We can save it on our phones and computers for easy review.

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Usage: It can be connected to mobile phones and computers, making it convenient and fast. And downloading the mobile app can also take photos, videos, and store them. In addition, Android phones can also charge each other with this detection endoscope, providing a convenient, fast, and novel experience.

If this series of features is dazzling, then this detection instrument is even more impressive in terms of its ability to turn impossible into possible, both in terms of performance and in combination with mobile phones, which is a major progress in the development of detection tools. As for the experience, there should be no need to say more.

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