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Two Way Articulating Borescope Contributes to A Faster and More Efficient Automotive Repair

US18 is primarily used in the automotive repair and maintenance. Its snake probe can reach somewhere naked eyes can not. Just because this, this product can help automobile repairman to discover where is wrong fast, improving the repair effiency and reducing unnecessary damage to other parts.


US18 was imparted many merits so that it becomes a useful tools to help people diagnose somewhere is broken in a machine or car. US18 is a versatile tool that can be applicated in many fields where people need. Taking car repair as example, users only need to put snake tube into somewhere they want to inspect, they can watch the condition within intuitively.

Main features:

1.large HD screen

The product has a 5.0 inches IPS full view high definition display. When people using it to inspect a device, they can watch the interior device clearly. In addition to, this product is featured by a detachable screen with WIFI function, people also connect their Android phone with this product to reduce the screen.


2. Articulating snake tube

Its snake tube is two-way articulating, this feature make it a helpful access to somewhere human eyes hard to reach. IIts snake tube is equipped with six LED light whose brightness is adjustable, which allow us to inspect somewhere in darkness.

It also can insert TF card to save the image and vidoe that you take when you are inspecting somewhere.

3.Big capacity battery

A big capacity battery is a thing worth metioning. 5000mah litium polymer battery ensure its long life can work 4-5 hours constantly.


And this product is widely used in various inpsection fields. Somewhere human eyes cannot reach. You can inspect narrow spaces like pipelines and ceiling , it serves as excellet tool.

Its snake tube is waterproof and oilproof, which allows great convenience for users. which defines its multi application.

5. Conclusion

This product has one-year waranty.we dedicate ourslves to professional service for you. For the damage caused by non-human factors, we will promise to resend the parts for free within one year. If you have any needs, we warmly welcome you to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible within 24 hours.

Otherwise please read the specification and user manual carefully before using this product to avoid unnecessary damage.

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