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Popularization and application of endoscopes

What we call endoscopes are currently used in two major fields, one is the medical field and the other is the industrial field. And what we are going to popularize today is the endoscope in industry.

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What is an industrial endoscope? Industrial borescope is a kind of visual inspection instrument that is common to many fields and industries, which can assist inspectors to see the inside of the equipment that can not be seen at all through the process of imaging, transmitting and displaying, and the inspection area that can not be approached due to other factors. So the endoscope came into being, and has now become an indispensable tool for many enterprises to analyze and inspect machinery.

What can industrial endoscopes do?

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Industrial borescopes assist in observing areas that would otherwise be invisible, such as: inspecting the inside of parts for defects, monitoring the assembly process of components, understanding the condition of the inside of containers, and verifying the cleaning effect of food and pharmaceutical pipelines. In preventive and troubleshooting inspections aimed at finding defects, once defects are found, further measurements of defect dimensions can be taken, such as: crack length and depth, corrosion area, crater depth, etc. For the foreign matter found during the inspection process, it can also be quickly eliminated with a robot.

Features of industrial endoscope

1. The effect is intuitive. Using the industrial endoscope, the inspector can directly see the dynamic video of the originally invisible area through the eyepiece or monitor, and obtain almost the same observation effect with the eyes.

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2 High degree of integration. Hardware including light source, imaging and transmission, image display, guide mechanism, power supply, control mechanism and other subsystems, in addition to real-time multi-tasking operating system and a series of interactive software, image processing software, etc., and these are integrated in a lightweight handheld machine, convenient for on-site mobile inspection.

3. Detection without disassembly. The use of industrial endoscopes is very simple: send the probe from the hand hole, observation hole, plug cover and other positions into the equipment to be detected parts, you can view the internal inspection image through the handheld screen to achieve the

expected detection purpose. It is easy to see that this process does not require disassembly of the equipment to be tested, so it will not affect its performance, but also eliminates the disassembly and assembly costs.

4. Easy to operate. In addition to real-time observation, it is also possible to take pictures and videos, adjust the probe guidance, adjust the brightness of illumination, measure the size of defects, etc. These operations can be completed through the buttons and joysticks on the panel of the handheld under the prompting of the on-screen menu guide, and can also be completed through the touch screen, which is very convenient.

Application of Industrial Borescope

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In the industrial field, industrial endoscope has become an indispensable and important inspection tool, which can be used in aviation, aerospace, civil aviation, energy, electric power, petrochemical and other industries for safety inspection, maintenance and material inspection and other multi-purpose, and it can also be used in automobile, ship building, machine manufacturing, fine chemical industry for safety inspection, technology research and development, and quality identification.

To summarize, industrial endoscope is a lightweight, portable, easy-to-use visual inspection tool, which can be used without disassembling or destroying the equipment under the premise of rapid, fast and low-cost access to the real situation inside the equipment, and it is a golden partner to monitor the quality of the products and ensure the health of the assets!

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