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Two Way Articulaitng Borescope Gives A Helping Hand to Automobile Repair and Maintenance

UW18 is a handheld endoscope, which can help you can inspect somewhere narrow is inaccessible to human eyes.QBH borescopy is mainly used automobile repair and maintenance. Its snake tube is two-way steering, can achieve 360 degree steering, to give a hand to people to discover where is broken.                                                                     Where can i buy the QBH borescope?

UW18 is a multipurpose tool, not only used in automotive repair but also in other fields, such as pipelines inspection, machinery repair. We can detach all narrow space where naked eyes cannot to reach by this product, improving our working efficiency. 

Main features:

1. Big capacity Lithium battery

This QBH product is equipped with a 3000mah battery, which ensures long working time, which make frequent charging uneccessary. Excellent battery performance make it the best choice for repairman.

2. Two way articulating snake tube

Its QBH snake tube is equipped with a camera and six LED lights whose brightness can be adjusted four levels. And the snake tube is flexible and shapable, people can use it to inspect somewhere human eye cannot reach. When you are inspecting somewhere in darkness, its LED lights can serve its effect to help your works.

3. Directly connnectable to your smart phone

QBH borescope is designed without screen. But users can connect their smart phone with the product, so as to achieve visual inpsecting. You can link you smart phone with this product to watch small spaces you want to check.

4. Its operation steps

First, you scan QR code on the product to download the App, then, you connect your smart phone with it. Then you can take photo and record video on your smart phone. The great advantage of it is that users can use their smart phone to serves as screen, they can watch inner condition clearly when they are inspecting a machine or car.And you can review images you took during your inpsecting.


The product is affordable and cost effective. It will be a useful helper for you when you tackle some problem in a machine or car.

Please read instruction and user manual carefully before using it and follow it when you are using it to avoid unnecessary safety concerns.

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