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Two way articulating borescope——a Catalyst for Your Repair Efficiency

    US13 endoscope is mainly used in the inspection of small spaces, not only in automobile repair and maintenance,but aslo in various fields, like pipeline inspection, machinery diagnosis, and equipment repair.
    The QBH product is a ingenious design, because it is equipped with a flexible snake tube and a high definition display. When people avail themselve of it to inspect a machine or car, they can watch the inner condition clearly through the display, the advantage that help users quickly discover where is wrong and broken, improving repair efficiency and reducing damages to other parts of machine.

Main Features:

1. Full view HD display

The QBH product has a 5.0 inches large screen. It is a attractive merit. When we are checking a machine, puting snake tube into machine we want to inspect, we can examine the inner state of the machine intuitively.And the screen can be rotated 90 degrees from left to right, a feature that provide convenience for left-handed operaiton. And the screen can be tilted back or forward, so you can watch screen form different angles.

2. Two way articulating snake tube

    The snake tube is flexible and shapeable, equipped with eight LED lights whose brightness can be adjusted and a HD camera, it is an undoubtable advantage that can help people working in darkness. On the top that, when you are inspecting something, you can take photo and record video by it.

3.1650mah lithium battery

    This QBH product has a middle-level battery that ensure daily working time. And its time of endurance is also outstanding. These advantages assure that those using it can finishing their diagnosis work.


The QBH product is blessed with many merits, it is worth of buying it.

If you have any question, please contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible.

Please remember to read specification or user manual carefully before using each product to avoid any hurt.

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