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Out of sight, everything in the fundus, QBH high-definition endoscope, brings you a clear vision.

    With the development of society, cars have entered thousands of households. Carry out regular maintenance on the car, keep the car clean and tidy, the technical condition is normal, eliminate hidden dangers as soon as possible, and prevent failures, which is of great significance to prolong the service life of the vehicle and ensure driving safety.

    The traditional method of car maintenance is to disassemble the car parts for inspection. With the use of car endoscopes, you can enter the interior of the car for observation through the endoscope probe, without disassembly, which effectively reduces the workload and improves efficiency.

    The endoscope series is any one of the guide series multi-functional high-definition car endoscopes launched by QBH borescope company. The following introduces the two major uses of the car endoscope. 

    Carbon deposits are mainly due to insufficient combustion of fuel in the engine, or paraffin colloids that cannot be completely combusted in gasoline, which remain in fuel injectors, throttle valves, oil pipelines, spark plugs and other components. to form carbon deposits. There are many reasons for carbon deposition, and the harm to the car is mainly manifested in:

❶ Causes engine trembling, weak driving, poor acceleration, difficulty in starting a cold car, increased gasoline consumption, and increased oil consumption;

❷ Shorten the service life of the three-way catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, spark plug and other components;

❸ Affects the opening and closing stroke of the valve, resulting in damage to the engine's working condition. The uneven carbon deposit surface is easy to wear the valve oil seal, resulting in oil leakage, and may also cause the valve to be closed tightly, resulting in the cylinder block not working;

❹ Severe carbon deposits will cause valve ablation, the valve stem moves astringently in the valve guide and gets stuck, resulting in valve sticking failures, causing early combustion, deflagration, cylinder scuffing, etc., resulting in engine block damage or even scrapping.

    This QBH product has the characteristics of real-time image display, and is suitable for the fields related to automobile detection and parts status locking. It does not need to disassemble the automobile parts, and observe its internal conditions in real time. area to observe. The new car endoscope probe has a 360° super large turning angle, which can directly see the valve without disassembling the engine and adjusting the probe in multiple directions, effectively checking the carbon deposit inside the car. The probe is waterproof, oil-resistant and anti-corrosion, and can be used in various oily environments. It can also be easily dealt with when detecting carbon deposits in throttle valves, engine pistons, spark plugs, oil circuits, intake air and other systems. It is also an insurance It is a necessary inspection tool for damage determination and re-examination.

    After the car air conditioner is used for a long time, more and more dust and bacteria accumulate inside, which will not only cause peculiar smell, but also affect people's health. The three parts of the air conditioner filter element, pipeline, and evaporation box can be inspected through the car endoscope to check whether there are dust and foreign objects inside, so as to clean up as soon as possible to ensure the cleanliness of the interior of the car air conditioner and ensure the comfort of the car environment. Of course, household and commercial air conditioners can also be inspected and cleaned with automotive endoscopes.

    The QBH visual endoscope adopts a new 450,000-pixel 80-degree high-definition lens with a large viewing angle, so that the internal conditions of the car can be clearly seen. It can take pictures and record videos for data archiving. The conventional model can withstand a maximum temperature of 60°C, and the whole machine adopts an integrated design, which is lighter and more portable.

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