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Development of Medical Endoscopes

    The development of medical endoscopy technology originated in the early 19th century, when physicians invented endoscopes to explore the inside of the human body. The basic design of endoscopes at that time was simple, consisting only of a rigid catheter, a source of illumination, and a mirror for reflection. As the core technology has been updated and diversified clinical needs have emerged, medical endoscopes have become an important and commonly used instrument in modern diagnosis and treatment.

    QBH Medical endoscopes are powerful and have a wide range of applications medical endoscopes enter the human body through the body's natural cavities or through small incisions in surgical rows, enabling precise and safe diagnostic and therapeutic functions to be realized. The diagnostic function of QBH endoscopic system assists clinicians to obtain real-time dynamic internal images through endoscopes during operation, and to obtain tissues for in vitro testing through new optical instruments; while the therapeutic function needs to be equipped with professional minimally invasive surgical instruments to carry out specific surgical treatments.

    factors drive the QBH endoscopy market demand along with China's aging population trend aggravates, joint diseases, digestive diseases and urinary system diseases and other diseases incidence of the number of people in the growth trend, the demand generated by the increase in medical expenditures to promote the reliance on endoscopy and other medical imaging equipment for diagnosis and treatment demand.

    Domestic endoscopes show broad market potential China's endoscopy industry is full of opportunities and challenges on the road to development. On the policy end, the state has successively introduced medical device-related policies to promote innovation and breakthroughs in the local endoscopy industry, encourage and support the procurement of domestic equipment, and provide a more favorable competitive environment for domestic equipment.

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