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QBH ultra-clear integrated handheld industrial borescope makes inspection easier!

    Most industrial borescopes adopt a split design, and the display and hard wires are separated. Therefore, inspection personnel often need to spend a certain amount of time on installation at the inspection site. This process seems easy, but for rapid detection in the wild or in more complex detection sites, it will delay the work efficiency of the detection personnel, and the split design can easily cause unstable transmission and affect the image output rate.

    It uses embedded lithium batteries and super-industry standard chips to continuously provide sufficient power and powerful data and image processing functions for the device; 5.0-inch IPS full-viewing HD display, effective pixels 1980×1080, two-way turning snake mirror 360 It can detect any hard-to-reach space without dead ends. It adopts high-definition digital signal 200w pixel lens, detachable screen function, LED 4-level brightness adjustable, image flip function, which can effectively take pictures and videos, and inspect various industrial pipelines. Or corrosion, cracks, welds, foreign matter, wear and internal processing of parts in complex and narrow equipment can be observed and inspected in detail.

    ①5.0-inch high-definition display screen

      QBH's new generation of high-definition large screen configuration has improved color saturation by 50%, making color performance more natural and details sharper.


    ②Super strong shell, integrated design

    Newly created slim appearance design, the hand feel is perfect, and there will be no obvious burden when holding it for a long time; the integrated design of the host and the pipeline makes the operation more stable and the transmission speed faster.


    ③Brand new black technology lens

    Compared with the dual-lens endoscope, the macro lens can be added to observe the measured object at a closer distance, and every detail is clearly visible.


    ④ Portable "handheld device", more flexible operation

    It can be rotated in two directions, with a limited position at the bottom, and a simple three-dimensional operation module, with high-precision controllability and quick response; two-handed operation, with a good grip.


    ⑤Large-capacity lithium battery, long-lasting battery life

    Extremely low standby consumption, a full charge can support long-term on-site recording use, saying goodbye to battery anxiety.

    ⑥ IP67 waterproof

    The lens is IP67 waterproof and the body is waterproof and oil-proof, making it easy to handle underwater operations.

    Through the image and video functions of the endoscope, non-destructive inspection of small parts and places that cannot be directly observed by the human eye can be realized; it is widely used in the inspection fields of aviation, automobiles, pipelines, machinery and equipment, chemical industry and other industries. QBH ultra-clear endoscope ,you deserve to have. 

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