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QBH Industrial borescope Helps Pipeline Inspection Show Its Skills

    In the production process of the factory, pipeline transmission is essential, so daily maintenance is also an essential task. However, most pipelines are slender, so it is impossible for humans to observe them with the naked eye. At this point, a pipeline endoscope is needed to enter the pipeline to assist maintenance personnel in their work.    

    How should an endoscope be selected? What parameters should be considered when purchasing endoscopes?

    In a pipeline, if the diameter is relatively thick, the issue of the field of view angle and focal length of the endoscope lens can affect our observation effect on the side wall of the pipeline, so lens turning is an important function of the endoscope. The turning of QBH endoscope is divided into 180 ° turning and 360 ° turning, and the reaction speed of lens turning affects the inspector's grasp of the internal situation of the pipeline.

    If you want to observe and measure a certain point, you can guide and damp the lens to lock it, keep the probe locked, and perform observation and detection. At the same time, the step-by-step fine adjustment knob can be used to easily stay in the accurate observation position of the lens.

    The QBH endoscope rotates 360 ° in all directions, observing zero dead angle and zero delay.

    If the diameter of the pipeline being repaired is relatively small, a suitable diameter should be selected. The standard pipe diameters are 1mm and 2mm, and special sizes support customization. In relatively thin pipelines, the distance from the lens to the sidewall is very close, and within the observation range of the lens field of view angle, it can also be observed clearly.

    Due to the dim lighting inside the pipeline and varying depths of worn areas, QBH features a large depth of field with more three-dimensional imaging. The front-end LED lighting is adjustable at 6 levels, and the back-end LED lights assist in lighting, meeting diverse environments. It can also adjust exposure, screen brightness, and screen contrast to clearly and truly see the situation inside the tube.

Due to the standard detection line length of 1 meter, it is recommended to replace the borescope when the pipeline is long. The standard configuration of the borescope is 60 meters, which can be connected to the QBH endoscope, or the QBH US13 series borescope can be directly selected.

    QBH US13 adopts a screen combination that refuses to get stuck. The humanized turntable design facilitates the storage and retraction of hoses. The PE box comes with a 7-inch large screen, which is high-definition, high reliability, and high stability. The lens can rotate 360 degrees and flip 180 degrees, and USB charging can be used to store photos and videos.

QBH endoscope PE tool box

    Another important factor is the screen. The display screen of the QBH industrial endoscope is divided into a built-in screen on the handle and an industrial flat panel, which facilitates direct editing, measurement, and recording of photos, providing great assistance for maintenance work.

    The QBH industrial endoscope can be used not only in factory pipeline maintenance, but also in aerospace, anti-terrorism police, automotive maintenance, and more, achieving rapid maintenance in places that human capabilities cannot see, and making important contributions to visual communication!

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