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Struggling to Thoroughly Inspect Engine Cylinders? Here's How a Borescope Can Help

    Engine cylinder inspection is a critical maintenance task, but it can be challenging to thoroughly examine the cylinder walls and piston surfaces. QBH UW21 Engine borescopes provide an ideal inspection solution when traditional methods fall short.


    The cramped space and complex geometry inside engine cylinders limits what you can see with the naked eye. Mirrors can help reflect light to hidden areas but have a restricted viewing angle. Removing cylinder heads or pulling the entire engine for inspection is time consuming and costly.

    This is where QBH UW21 borescopes excel - their slender, tubular design lets you insert a small camera directly inside the cylinder while the engine is still mounted. High-resolution optics and built-in LED lights illuminate the entire cylinder interior and enable a detailed visual inspection.

    Borescopes are available in different diameters and lengths to suit various engine types and access points. Rigid borescopes hold their tubular shape and are ideal for inspecting perfectly straight cylinder bores. Flexible borescopes can bend and maneuver around obstructions to view hard-to-reach areas.

    Connected to a monitor or display screen, QBH UW21 borescope cameras reveal close-up, real-time video footage and still images of cylinder walls, piston crowns, valve seats and other components. Look for corrosion, pitting, hot spots, cracking, carbon build up and other defects.

    Advanced models include measurement tools, on-screen annotations and image/video capture capabilities. Portable handheld designs make it easy to move from cylinder to cylinder and inspect engines in situ.

    While borescopes require an initial investment, they can save considerable time and money over the long run by enabling more thorough cylinder inspections without major disassembly. Properly identifying issues early on helps prevent bigger problems down the road.

    If struggling to thoroughly inspect engine cylinders the old-fashioned way, it may be time to take advantage of the latest borescope technology. Let the power of video do the hard work for you!

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