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Is a Borescope the Missing Tool You Need for Comprehensive Cylinder Inspections?

    Performing comprehensive visual inspections of engine cylinders is vital for preventative maintenance. But without the right tools, these inspections can be limited in scope and effectiveness. If your current methods leave you struggling to see critical surfaces and components, a borescope may be the missing tool your cylinder inspections need.

    QBH UW21 Borescopes are designed to provide complete visual access inside cylinders without requiring major engine disassembly. A slim waterproof camera probe can be inserted directly into the combustion chamber through the spark plug hole or other access point. This allows you to view the cylinder walls, piston crown, valves, head gasket and more up close.

    The camera connects to a monitor or portable display screen, providing real-time video footage and crisp still images. Built-in LED lighting illuminates the entire cylinder interior clearly. Rigid borescopes are ideal for straight cylinder bores, while flexible models bend to navigate twists and turns.

    Advanced QBH borescope features include measurement tools to gauge wear, image capture functions to document issues, and portability to easily move from cylinder to cylinder. Models are available in various diameters and lengths to suit different engine types and access points.

    By eliminating blind spots and enabling visual inspection of the entire cylinder, borescopes can help you identify issues like corrosion, deposits, hot spots, cracking, wear patterns and other irregularities early on. This allows problems to be addressed promptly before leading to bigger failures.

    The investment in a borescope pays dividends over time through more comprehensive inspections between tear downs. This reduces maintenance costs and engine downtime compared to pulling cylinders or the entire powerplant.

    Don’t settle for incomplete peeks into your engine cylinders. With a borescope, you can conduct complete inspections without the headache of major disassembly. Discover the tool you’ve been missing for truly comprehensive cylinder analysis right when you need it most.

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