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US19 4-way Articulating Borescope

    New product | QBH’s newly upgraded 360° turning endoscope allows you to detect undiscovered industrial defects.

    The steering flexibility of the industrial endoscope, the pixels of the probe, and the clarity of the display screen determine the status of faults and defects during the inspection process. The integrated handheld body of Shenzhen QBH high-definition industrial endoscope can control the rotating dial with one hand, allowing the probe to turn 180° flexibly and accurately. The millions of high-definition cameras can easily capture defects, and the inspection results are directly displayed on the HD LCD screen. Compared with existing models, the QBH steering endoscope has more innovative breakthroughs in portability, controllability, image quality and functions.

    A new 360-degree turning industrial endoscope has been promoted and developed, capable of 360-degree four-direction inspection and improving the quality of industrial production.

    The 360-degree turning industrial endoscope is a powerful and flexible instrument that combines a high-definition camera and height movement adjustment function. The curvature of this endoscope allows it to operate in extremely narrow areas, which can quickly reduce working time, improve work efficiency, and reduce labor costs. 360-degree turning industrial endoscopes are invaluable tools that can capture unparalleled data and information at a low cost and in a tight time frame, which is significant for production safety and security.

    QBH US19 4-Way Articulating Borescope industrial video borescope has a 360° rotating dial for precise steering, a 180° large steering angle, and megapixel high-definition image detection with zero dead spots. This industrial borescope has a high-definition image restoration effect. The US series industrial endoscope camera adopts a 3.9mm/4.9mm/6.0mm probe diameter and is equipped with an LED light source and a 1 million pixel high-definition camera. By taking pictures, video recording, recording and measuring of the inspected object, the internal defects of the object and its size, shape and location can be determined.

QBH US19 4-Way Articulating Borescope industrial endoscope technical advantages:

    1. Flexible rotation of the lens in four directions - the sapphire lens of the probe has high pressure and wear resistance and can be bent and turned 360°.

    2. Modular design - QBH US19 4-Way Articulating Borescope industrial endoscope adopts modular design, which makes detection simple and intuitive, and greatly improves maintenance efficiency.

    3. The product is easy to operate and carry - the product is compact and portable, records high-definition pixels throughout the process, and can be put into work efficiently.

    4. The probe has its own light source - the probe is covered with LED lamp beads, and the four-level brightness can be rotated and adjusted to present a bright picture even in a dark environment.

    5. Video/audio/photography functions, recording all aspects.

    360-degree turning industrial endoscopes are used in many different application scenarios. For example, in the aerospace field, humans must enter areas inside certain devices through very small openings and then manually enter certain equipment. This kind of operation can easily lead to long operation time and personnel injuries. By using a 360-degree turning industrial endoscope to replace the manual operation process, the above two situations can be effectively avoided. In addition, it is also very common to use 360-degree turning industrial endoscopes during the maintenance and construction of high-speed dynamic vehicles (rail transit, automobiles, railways, etc.).

    The introduction of 360-degree turning industrial endoscopes will bring unlimited new developments to the production of various industries. Whether in the automotive industry, aviation industry, medical equipment production, buried pipeline maintenance, or other fields, the use of 360-degree turning industrial endoscopes for inspection without blind spots will provide a more reliable guarantee for the industry to improve production quality. Using a 360-degree turning industrial endoscope can not only obtain imaging information quickly and accurately, but also greatly save human resources and time and improve work efficiency. Therefore, it will continue to participate in and promote the development and widespread application of new technologies.

    QBH industrial endoscope will help you learn more, welcome to pay attention.

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