The QBH endoscope is dedicated to detecting places that are inaccessible to the naked eye._Shenzhen QBH Technology Development Co.,LTD

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The QBH endoscope is dedicated to detecting places that are inaccessible to the naked eye.

    QBH smart steering endoscope UF18 is mainly used in all aspects of automobile repair and maintenance. It supports the detection of narrow curved spaces that are difficult to enter by tools and equipment such as automobile evaporation boxes, combustion chambers, and three-way catalytic sensors, helping auto repair technicians, etc. Efficiently locate vehicle faults, accurately diagnose problems and repair or replace required parts.

    The two-way 360-degree turning lens can provide a wider field of view and accurate problem location, effectively reducing the number of operations and improving safety, making endoscopic observation more efficient and accurate. By using the one-click photo and video function of the endoscope, Auto mechanics can record discovered car problems in a timely manner and quickly locate the problems to avoid unnecessary disassembly and inspection, thereby improving work efficiency.

UF18 2-Way Articulating Mobile Borescope Advantages

①The probe can be turned 180°

    The probe can be turned 180°, breaking through the technical limitations of the traditional industrial endoscope industry. This industrial endoscope product has a new function of rotating the dial to control the lens to bend at will, and can bend up to 180° in both directions, ensuring that there are no dead corners in the detection range and can be quickly , accurately detect faults and defects.

    The specially designed precise control dial provides more precise control, captures every inch of gap, and easily passes through narrow and curved gaps.

It adopts damping design positioning, the turning radius is only 2.5cm, and the high-density tungsten wire weaving makes the steering more flexible and durable.

1080P ultra-clear lens

    It ensures high brightness and large depth of field to restore the real picture. It has LED light adjustment. The 6 high-intensity LED lights equipped with the camera provide sufficient light source to clearly see the internal conditions of the car. The brightness can be adjusted in 3 levels to meet the observation of different light environments. According to the demand, the IP67 waterproof camera has both super waterproof and oil resistance properties, and is easily suitable for wet pipes or oil cylinders.

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③Support multiple mobile device connections

    Imaging images can be easily displayed by connecting to an Android or Apple mobile phone and displaying details. Connect to a WiFi signal and download the exclusive software to use, which is simple and fast.

④Body engineering design

    It adopts a number of new technologies and combines ergonomic design to control lens steering, power on, photo taking, video recording, and lighting adjustment with one hand, achieving true one-hand control, making it easier and more comfortable to use. It is a handheld industrial The perfect choice for endoscopy.

⑤Two types to choose from

    In addition to being able to be connected to a mobile phone or computer for online testing, the QBH steering endoscope series also has a model with its own high-definition large screen. There is no need to download software or external equipment, and it can be used right after booting. It is very suitable for beginners to get started.

The above two turning endoscopes are widely used in many fields, such as auto repair, household, machinery, chemical industry, aviation, security and other fields. They are powerful tools for non-destructive testing.

    QBH industrial endoscope will help you learn more, welcome to pay attention.

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