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Escort your journey, QBH industrial endoscope brings you an in-depth car care experience.

    In automobile maintenance, there is a very important inspection tool, which is the industrial endoscope. Automobile endoscopes are actually a type of industrial endoscopes. The basic principle is to use optical means to transmit the internal conditions of sealed objects through small holes, and then evaluate, detect and diagnose the optical images.

    Are car endoscopes useful? For example: Suppose a car's engine fails. The traditional diagnostic method is to rely on experience to determine the problem of the cylinder and which cylinder it is specifically through the sound. It needs to be "disassembled" to determine the "specific cause". However, if you use a car endoscope, you can visually observe the interior through the spark plug hole or oil nozzle to understand the specific location of the fault.

    The process of using industrial endoscopes for auto parts inspection is very simple.

    The operator only needs to insert the endoscope into the hole in the part to be inspected, and then he can observe the internal conditions of the component through the built-in optical lens. Using specific lighting technology and magnification capabilities, operators are able to see minute details, including issues such as cracks, wear, corrosion, and other defects caused by poor machining or assembly.

    In engine manufacturing, endoscopes can be used to detect damage or wear inside the cylinder, or to check the working status of pistons, valves and other components. In addition, it can also be used to check the sealing and smoothness of key components such as oil pumps, water pumps and fuel nozzles.

    Through its flexible steering function, the steering industrial endoscope can enter areas such as automobile engines, transmission systems, and chassis that are difficult to observe directly. The curvature of this endoscope allows it to be operated in extremely narrow areas, which can improve diagnostic accuracy, save maintenance time, reduce maintenance costs, improve customer satisfaction, and promote maintenance technician training and knowledge transfer.

    As one of the indispensable means of transportation in modern society, automobile repair and maintenance have always been a challenge faced by car owners and maintenance technicians. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, modern vehicles have adopted more and more complex structures and technologies, and traditional maintenance methods can no longer fully meet the needs. The introduction of industrial endoscopy has revolutionized automotive repair.

    If you want to learn more about endoscopy, QBH will take you through an in-depth exploration experience.

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