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The dark magic weapon, bring QBH flashlight to create a high-quality outdoor car inspection life.

    In the dark, our field of vision will be greatly limited and visibility will be greatly reduced. Rescue missions are often sudden and random. Rescuers cannot predict the location and time of the accident. They may be on the water or in the mountains and forests, or during the day. At night, severe weather factors such as rain, snow, and high temperatures will make search and rescue operations difficult.

    Car outdoor life is inseparable from a flashlight. QBH Handheld Flashlight creates high-quality car outdoor life for you. Safe and portable car outdoor flashlights have become a common carrying tool for people.

    "Green travel" has become a trend. Car outdoor flashlights are environmentally friendly and safe. Handheld Flashlight can observe the surrounding environment in the absence of light. The observation distance can reach thousands of meters. In other words, carrying a handheld Flashlight in the wild environment can meet the needs of Car outdoor observation and night photography can also be used for night search and rescue work.

QBH's T05 Handheld Flashlight has some advantages in automotive and outdoor applications. It is simple, convenient and easy to carry.

    ①Escape by breaking the window: When the vehicle overturns or falls into the river and the door cannot be opened, you can use the sharp hammer on the flashlight to escape by breaking the window.

    ② Call for help: When a fire or flood occurs and you need to call for help, you can use the red light flash of the flashlight to indicate the need for rescue.

    ③Lighting: High-brightness LED lights have a long range and can provide a high-brightness working environment for accident handling and fault repair.

    Applications of car flashlights: When driving at night, turn on the car headlights. The flashlight can provide additional lighting, increase the driver's field of vision, and detect faults. The driver can turn on the flashlight when the engine is turned off, and the light from the flashlight can shine into the engine. , check whether the engine is faulty.

    Inspection-assisted maintenance. During the vehicle repair and maintenance process, the flashlight can provide a light source to help maintenance personnel find fault points in the engine or other components and improve maintenance efficiency.

    If you want to know more about the automotive industry, follow us and QBH will take you to have an in-depth understanding of the detection experience.

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