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New Borescope Camera Accessory Transforms iPhones into Powerful Inspection Tools

    San Francisco, CA - A revolutionary new borescope camera accessory is set to change the way people inspect tight, hard-to-reach spaces. Developed by industry leader QBH borescope, the new WiFi borescope camera easily connects to an iPhone, turning it into a powerful inspection tool capable of capturing photos and videos inside machinery, walls, ducts, drains and more.

    With its flexible snake-like cable and versatile camera head, the QBH WiFi borescope can snake into the narrowest of spaces and provide a live video feed of the interior right on the iPhone's screen. The camera head features adjustable LED lighting to illuminate dark areas and delivers crisp, clear views even in the tightest confines.

    "Our new borescope camera accessory provides users with an inexpensive way to inspect areas that were previously difficult or impossible to view," said QBH borescope CEO Liuzhigang. "By harnessing the power of smartphone technology, we have created an extremely versatile inspection tool for homeowners, contractors, auto mechanics and anyone needing to diagnose problems in tight spaces."

    The WiFi connectivity allows users to view the live feed up to 33 feet away from the camera head, enabling remote visual inspections. The borescope camera can also record snapshots and videos that can be saved and shared directly from the iPhone.

With the UW21 app's intuitive controls, users can easily adjust the camera head angle, lighting and other key settings while viewing areas live on their iPhone screen. The rugged, waterproof camera head and flexible cable can withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures.

    The QBH borescope camera accessory is compatible with most iPhones and Its price is very favorable. To learn more about how this innovative iPhone add-on can transform the way you inspect and diagnose problems in hard-to-reach spaces, please contact us .

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