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Cut Inspection Costs in Half with the New Borescope HD Camera

    shenzhen, China - Local inspection equipment company QBH has released an innovative new borescope HD camera that can reduce inspection costs by up to 50%. The lightweight, portable camera features a high-resolution sensor and flexible gooseneck cable, making inspections faster and more affordable.

    Traditional inspections often require disassembling equipment, which takes time and labor. But the new QBH borescope snakes into tight spaces like engines, pipes, and walls. Its articulating camera head provides a clear view of the interior on the attached smartphone or tablet screen.

    "Our borescope makes inspections much easier by eliminating the need for costly teardowns. Users can quickly scan for damage, blockages, and other issues," said QBH CEO Liuzhigang.

    The camera head delivers sharp 1080p video and 2MP still images thanks to the cutting-edge CMOS sensor. 4 adjustable LEDs illuminate dark areas. The 1m diameter gooseneck cable retains configured shapes and can be maneuvered into confined areas.

    The QBH app provides intuitive controls like zoom, screen recording and image capturing. All data can be stored and shared from the smartphone device.

    The QBH borescope saves thousands in labor expenses over traditional inspections. It's ideal for HVAC contractors, automotive technicians, electricians, plumbers and anyone needing to analyze equipment, mechanisms and infrastructure without disassembly.

    To learn how the revolutionary new borescope can cut your inspection costs in half, visit and order yours today.

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