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Excellent detection assistant, QBH Borescope allows you to see more clearly

    As we all know, maintenance is a relatively tedious and detailed task, and in order to complete it better, the maintenance personnel take great pains to do it. However, after all, human energy is limited, and it is extremely difficult to achieve perfection. It would be great if there were instruments to assist. Fortunately, with the advanced technology in today's society, maintenance personnel do not need to do everything themselves. They only need to bring an industrial endoscope, which can clearly see even the depths of the pipeline, making maintenance more convenient.

    QBH endoscopes can clearly show places that are difficult to see with the naked eye, allowing people to see the details more clearly, which not only makes maintenance easier, but also effectively reduces people's burden. With it, both maintenance and cleaning are very convenient. You no longer have to worry about careless maintenance or insufficient cleaning.

    Maintenance always makes you dirty, especially car maintenance, but sometimes it is difficult to clearly control the problem even with 5.0 vision. If you want to perform maintenance better and more efficiently, you need a right-hand assistant.

    The compact and portable UF18 endoscope is powerful and has a built-in WiFi chip that can transmit images to mobile devices such as mobile phones in real time. It supports image zooming, helping you see hard-to-see places clearly, making maintenance work easier. The 1-megapixel high-definition camera can clearly capture various details and accurately present the original colors. It also has 1080P resolution and clearer picture quality, allowing you to better complete the maintenance work.

    The portable and trouble-free endoscope also has a strong battery life. It is equipped with a 2600mAh large-capacity lithium battery. It can continue to work for 3-4 hours after charging, making uninterrupted work more efficient. The working environment of the endoscope is relatively complex, so its lens is made of IP67 waterproof material, which can effectively prevent oil and water, and can easily cope with various environments.

    It is equipped with a small camera with a diameter of 4.9mm, which can easily penetrate even small pipes and give clear feedback on the internal situation. There are also 4 LEDs that can illuminate the inside of the pipe, and the lighting can be freely adjusted according to the maintenance environment, making the images captured clearer.

    The tedious maintenance work is distressing, but it has to be done. Since we had to do it, we had to do it well, so we hired a good helper for maintenance - an endoscope. The durable endoscope is equipped with an ultra-clear camera, which can clearly capture the internal environment of the object that needs to be inspected, making inspection easier.

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