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Exciting Advancement: New Engine Ignition Test Dramatically Improves Maintenance Capabilities

    shenzhen, China - Local automotive company QBH Borescope has developed an innovative new engine ignition analyzer that is set to transform the way mechanics test and diagnose ignition systems. The cutting-edge QBH WT05 Ignition Analyzer allows for quick, comprehensive testing that greatly expands maintenance capabilities.

    While traditional testers only check secondary ignition voltage, the WT05 also analyzes primary ignition signals - providing much more insightful diagnostics. The advanced tool detects weak coils, worn plug wires, poor electrical connections and more in just minutes.

    "Our ignition analyzer offers capabilities that no other portable, handheld tester can match," said QBH CEO liuzhigang. "Mechanics can now pinpoint ignition issues quickly to get vehicles back on the road faster."

    The lightweight, compact QBH is designed for easy use during roadside service. It connects via pickup clip or inductive RPM wire to test primary and secondary ignition circuits on gasoline engines. The large lCD display shows voltage and oscilloscope outputs for waveform analysis.

    Priced affordably, the innovative WT05 enables smaller shops to perform advanced ignition testing previously only available at dealerships. It's the perfect tool for auto technicians, fleet managers and anyone needing to diagnose engine performance issues caused by ignition system faults.

    To learn more about the revolutionary QBH WT05 and how it can take your maintenance capabilities to the next level, visit qbhscope.com.

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