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Explore the Unseen: The Ultimate Inspection Companion for Automotive Pros and DIY Enthusiasts

    Steering industrial endoscope is an industrial endoscope product whose probe can control the steering. It is also a widely used non-destructive testing instrument. It can observe the inside of an object through the probe without disassembling or damaging the object. A tool for detecting surface defects inside objects. It can take pictures and videos, and can also perform probe steering to achieve 360° continuous steering without dead ends. It is mainly used in aerospace, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical machinery, electric power industry, automobile manufacturing and Parts casting and other fields help industrial manufacturing develop towards higher quality and more precision.

    The steerable industrial endoscope mainly consists of the main body, the insertion tube, the steerable part and the probe.

     1. The function of the host is to observe the image taken by the probe through the screen and steering button on the host, and then transmit it to the screen through the sensor. The host is equipped with a handle and controller to control the direction of the probe to achieve a 360-degree view. Azimuth steering, the host computer is one of the important components of the steering industrial endoscope and is the CPU for image data processing;

     2. The insertion tube is an extension tool for long-distance observation. A 10-meter insertion tube can observe the internal conditions of objects within 10 meters. The length is optional and can be selected according to needs;

     3. The steering part is the key to achieving steering. Generally, a spring tube is used for buffer steering, and four steel wires are used for traction and steering. Some steerable industrial endoscopes can be turned in two directions, that is, there are only two steel wires, which requires Determine the number of wire ropes depending on whether steering is needed and the direction of steering, but the maximum is four wire ropes;

     4. The probe is the front-end part of the steerable industrial endoscope, and it is also the key to the entire steerable industrial endoscope to take pictures and videos. The pixels can be selected. Currently, there are 1-5 million pixels to choose from. The higher the pixels, the better the image will be. And the clearer the observation, the better.

    Welcome to the cutting-edge world of automotive diagnostics and exploration. At QBH, we take pride in introducing our latest innovation: the Four-Way Endoscope, a handheld marvel designed to revolutionize the way you inspect and diagnose in the automotive realm. Tailored for both professional auto repair shops and passionate DIY users, our product stands as a testament to ergonomic design, versatility, and unmatched functionality.

    We understand the critical importance of precision and efficiency in the automotive repair industry. Introducing our latest innovationthe Four-Way Inspection Cameraa handheld marvel designed to revolutionize the way you examine those hard-to-reach places. Whether you're a professional automotive repair shop or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, this cutting-edge tool is tailored to elevate your inspection game to unprecedented heights.

Unveiling the Features:

    Ergonomic Excellence:

    Our Four-Way Inspection Camera boasts an ergonomic, rubberized streamline design, ensuring a comfortable grip for extended usage. With one-handed control over steering, photo capture, video recording, and lighting adjustments, experience true single-handed maneuverability that aligns with human ergonomics.

    360°Joystic Control:

    Say goodbye to blind spots with our 360° turning control joystick. Achieve a maximum turning angle of 180°, allowing you to navigate seamlessly and eliminate any visual hindrances in your inspection process.

    Tungsten Wire Durability:

    Built to last, our camera features a high-wear tungsten wire weave, ensuring durability and longevity even in the most demanding inspection environments.

    High-Definition Camera:

    Equipped with an IP67-rated high-definition lens, our camera is sealed with special materials to provide water resistance, oil resistance, and corrosion resistance. Explore the depths with confidence, capturing crystal-clear images and videos.

    Versatile Lens Options:

    Tailor your inspection to the task at hand with lens options of 6.0mm, 4.9mm, and 3.9mm, providing flexibility for various industries, including aviation, automotive, pipelines, machinery, and chemical inspection.

    Immersive Display:

    Experience visuals like never before on the 5-inch 1280x720 IPS high-definition full-view display. Immerse yourself in the inspection process with clarity and precision.

    Temperature Alert and Protection:

    Stay ahead of potential issues with the high-temperature buzzer warning for temperatures 85, coupled with power-off protection. Our detachable screen design adds an extra layer of convenience.

    Power to Keep Going:

    With a 5000mAh replaceable lithium battery, our inspection camera ensures uninterrupted exploration of engines, detecting carbon buildup, and conducting crucial maintenance checks in automotive repair shops.

    A Vital Tool for Automotive Maintenance:

    Our Four-Way Inspection Camera is not just a gadget; it's an essential tool for engine carbon checks and flaw detection in automotive repair and maintenance. Trusted by professionals and embraced by DIY enthusiasts, this tool is a game-changer in enhancing the efficiency and precision of your operations.

    Take the Next Step:

    Ready to take your automotive inspections to the next level? Visit our website to explore more details about our Four-Way Inspection Camera. Elevate your expertise with QBH.

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