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Cut Inspection Time in Half with the New Wireless Video Borescope

    Effective cleaning is vital for maintaining equipment and infrastructure. But traditional manual methods are time-consuming and often miss hidden dirt. Now there’s a better solution – the Tornador cleaning gun.

    This innovative wireless video borescope integrates a high-power air blower with a slim articulating camera probe. As you clean with the air gun, the integrated camera provides live video and images from inside tight spaces.

    The borescope’s flexible snake-like camera cable can access areas other inspection tools can’t reach. See debris and contamination you’ve never seen before with powerful HD magnification. The integrated LED lights illuminate every corner.

    Finish jobs in half the time with the dual cleaning and inspection capabilities. The Tornador cleaning gun isn't just more effective at blasting away dirt. The borescope camera lets you instantly confirm when areas are clean, eliminating unnecessary re-cleaning.

    Frequent inspections also enable proactive maintenance. Early detection of damage lets you prevent catastrophic equipment failures before they happen.

    As global leaders in videoborescope technology, we’re committed to advancing inspections and cleaning. Our wireless borescopes withstand tough industrial use while delivering crystal clear imagery. To halves your inspection and cleaning times, contact our team today.

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