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The role of QBH endoscopes in non-destructive testing

    The endoscope is a multi-disciplinary tool. Its function is to explore the depths of curved pipes, observe parts that cannot be seen directly, observe the internal spatial structure and status in sealed cavities, and achieve long-distance Observe and operate. Endoscopic inspection is a kind of quality inspection that uses industrial endoscopes to inspect the interior of containers, pipes, non-detachable equipment, the inner surfaces of narrow gaps, parts below the liquid surface such as water and oil, and areas that cannot be directly observed by human vision in special environments. Controlled visual inspection method.

    Principles of non-destructive testing of industrial endoscopes Non-destructive testing requires the use of industrial endoscopes as inspection tools, which are professionally designed and produced to meet the complex industrial use environment. Endoscope detection is a detection technology that has gradually been widely used in recent years with the development of endoscope manufacturing technology. According to the characteristics of the manufacturing process, we generally divide industrial endoscopes into three types: optical rigid endoscopes, fiber optic endoscopes, and video endoscopes.

    QBH industrial endoscopes can be used for inspection and observation of high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and places that cannot be directly observed by the human eye. They are mainly used in automobiles, aerospace engines, pipelines, mechanical parts, etc., and can be assembled and assembled without disassembly or destruction. Non-destructive testing can be achieved when the equipment stops running; on the other hand, industrial endoscopes can also be connected to cameras, camcorders or computers to form a photography, video and image processing system to monitor, record, store and process targets in the field of view. Image analysis provides a good guarantee for diagnosis and treatment.

    QBH industrial endoscope application electronic endoscope is a new high-tech product designed and produced according to the inspection requirements of the inner surface of straight pipes in petrochemical industry, industrial machinery, electronic and electrical industry, aerospace and other industries. It integrates optical, mechanical, electrical, Image processing software is integrated, and the industrial endoscope inspection instrument is equipped with a high-resolution color monitor or USB port, which is more convenient to carry and the observation image is clearer, allowing the operator to use a high-power clear color CCD to detect the observed doubtful points and flaw detection parts with the help of a unique Some professional software processing systems can freeze, amplify, analyze, measure, and print reports, which greatly improves the accuracy of determining the flaw detection location on the inner wall of the pipeline. It is easy to use and reliable. Such as turbines, pipelines, condenser tubes, pumps, boilers, heat exchangers, valves, pressure vessels and other important equipment need to be used for defect detection, condition monitoring inspection and maintenance, nuclear power plants, wind power plants, hydropower plants, thermal power plants Equipment testing in power plants and power construction units is even more indispensable. Turbine maintenance: turbine cleaning, blade and nozzle/nozzle blockage inspection, retrieval of fallen parts, internal and external corrosion conditions of pipelines, main steam pipelines, water supply heaters, condensers, wind turbines, blade operating status, refining/oil transportation Line and sealing systems, valve base inspection, turbine/generator/generator, power generation stator inspection, paddle inspection. Public security and customs weapons manufacturing are used to check mechanical gear parts for wear, looseness, oil leakage, and internal conditions of gun barrels. Security inspections are used by public security and customs departments to inspect hidden drugs and smuggled items. Video endoscope technology has also been applied in weapons manufacturing, Nissan maintenance, security, customs inspection, search and rescue, and life detection. Search and rescue detection is used for earthquake search and rescue, emergency incident search, and explosion-proof inspection. Routine maintenance and inspection of large diesel engines, various engines and pipelines in aerospace industry, railways and ships. It is used for regular inspection of aircraft turbines, blades, engines, weld surfaces, duct surfaces, internal combustion chambers or body inspections, as well as the research, development and manufacturing of rocket engines.

    The petrochemical industry does not need to disassemble the equipment being inspected during the inspection process, making it a very cost-effective inspection solution. Especially for internal defect detection and inspection of storage tanks, heat exchangers, spherical tank trucks in petroleum refineries, pipeline facilities in the chemical industry, containers, cylinders, pipelines, etc. in special inspection institutes and pressure vessel production units.

    In automobile manufacturing and transportation, endoscopes are also indispensable daily tools in the cleaning and maintenance of automobile engines. At the same time, it is simple to operate, flexible, compact and easy to carry. The soft, thin, and flexible insertion tube can reach any hidden parts that need to be inspected. Automotive endoscopes are widely used in the automobile production and maintenance industries. They are mainly used to detect and diagnose automobile engines, cylinders, hydraulic components, fuel pipes, engines, mufflers, transportation and air conditioning systems, differentials, water tanks, fuel tanks, and gears. Wear, carbon deposits, clogging, etc. of the box are eliminated, which improves work efficiency, reduces repair costs, and avoids damage caused by repeated disassembly and assembly of machine parts. Locomotives, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Food Pipelines Railway/Ship Used for inspection of electric locomotives, air conditioning systems, turbines, heaters, diesel engines, boiler flames, inspection of pipelines.

    In construction projects, it is used to check the corrosion and dirt of steel pipes, internal diagnosis of walls, etc., the rust condition of steel bars, cracks in support shafts, bridge joints, etc. It can also be used to observe the cavities inside tunnels and architectural models; the corrosion and corrosion of tap water drainage pipes. Diagnosis of blockage. Research units are used for observation, scientific research, laboratories, archeology, etc. in research institutions. The mechanical casting industry is used in automobile parts casting, hydraulic casting, pump body and valve body casting, mechanical parts casting, and pipe fittings casting units to check the quality control of casting sand inclusions, burrs, and staggered holes. . Industrial endoscope development trend Industrial endoscope technology has unique advantages. It can extend people's viewing distance, change the direction of sight arbitrarily, and accurately observe the true condition of the inner surface of an object. This is something that cannot be replaced by other detection instruments. . For example, in aviation applications, the industrial looking glass can be extended into the interior of the aircraft engine to directly observe the actual internal conditions after operation or the internal surface conditions of equipment parts; and effectively detect the surface conditions of relatively hidden or narrow parts, and There is no need to disassemble the equipment or components for destructive inspection. The method is simple and reliable, very intuitive and effective.

    Whether in the aerospace field, the electronics industry, or other manufacturing and maintenance industries, the use of endoscopes for NDT testing has achieved good results, solved many difficult problems, ensured the normal operation of the entire equipment, and avoided some accidents.

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