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The importance of industrial endoscopes for industrial equipment inspection

    QBH industrial endoscopes are one of the instruments used to detect internal quality in the industrial industry. With their existence, they can not only save labor costs, but also greatly improve work efficiency and maintenance accuracy. The industrial endoscope is a rather magical detection instrument that can accurately observe the internal surface structure or working status of the object without destroying the external structure of the object being inspected. How do they test the quality and safety of equipment?

    Industrial endoscopes can inspect the interior of items for quality problems such as corrosion, rust, iron particles, and welding cracks. Observe their cracks. When the beam of the endoscope shines on the surface of the object to be detected, if the staff sees black or bright lines with a certain magnification and irregular edges around the lines, this It can be concluded that there are cracks in the internal structure.

    If there is corrosion in the internal structure, when you shine it with light, you will find that there are many lumpy and dot-like surface structures that are not smooth. After being magnified to a certain extent, the surface will appear uneven. There is a welding gap problem in the internal structure. After the beam is irradiated, when you find a suitable angle to illuminate it, you will see that it is connected to the molten metal without any bulges.

    As for pull lines and scratches, only under the condition of light beam irradiation, you will find that there are relatively regular and continuous long lines on the surface of the object to be measured. They are called pull lines and scratches. In recent years, domestic industrial endoscopes have also developed faster and faster, and many companies have developed independent research and development and production capabilities. A variety of industrial endoscopes launched by QBH borescope Technology Co., Ltd. have been widely used in various industries. field, with its excellent cost performance, it has received unanimous praise from the majority of users.

    Crack detection, when the light beam irradiates the surface of the object to be detected and black or bright lines are observed, and when the lines have irregular edges under a certain magnification, it is determined to be a crack. When the crack is wide, the measurement influence line of the measurable probe will be bent. Pipeline inspection, QBH endoscope can be used to detect internal blockage, rust, corrosion, foreign matter and other abnormalities in various pipes such as municipal or industrial water supply, drainage, ventilation, etc., and conduct regular inspection and maintenance of the internal corrosion of fire hydrants. To prevent firefighting facilities from being unavailable in emergency situations.

    The application of industrial endoscopes can be said to cover all aspects of the industrial field. To choose a suitable product, you must also select the appropriate pipe diameter based on specific consideration of the detection environment, location, direction, access and other working conditions. Endoscope products with different lengths and depths of field are needed to implement the final visual solution. If necessary, some accessories need to be added, such as lenses, pipeline protection, centerers, etc. This requires professional technical and sales personnel to provide necessary support. QBH has been engaged in endoscope research and development and production for many years. It is a professional manufacturer of industrial endoscope equipment. If you have relevant needs, you can consult with us.

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