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7 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Vendor Borescope Technology

Trick 1: Consider probe length and diameter

    ·Explain how length and width impact accessibility and view

Trick 2: Evaluate camera resolution

    ·Compare options like 720p, 1080p, and higher

    ·Consider targeting small defects

Trick 3: Assess viewing monitor quality

    ·Compare LCD vs LED and monitor sizes

    ·Match to environment like bright sunlight

Trick 4: Determine optimal battery life

    ·Compare removable vs built-in batteries

    ·Calculate needs vs runtime

Trick 5: Evaluate durability

    ·Compare IP ratings, drop test results, etc.

    ·Relate to environment rigors and risks

Trick 6: Analyze software reporting functionality

    ·Mention annotation, measurement, or export capabilities

Trick 7: Consider vendor service and support

    ·Discuss maintenance, warranty coverage, training etc.


    ·Summary on ensuring borescope matches inspection needs

    ·Final hook: Anecdote on benefits and transformations from properly leveraged borescope tech

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