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How to choose a portable industrial endoscope, what are its uses and precautions?

01 Compact design

    Portable features of handheld endoscopes.The display, handheld device, probe, host, light source, etc. are all integrated into one. There is no need for an additional display or host when working. It is small in size and light in weight, making it convenient for business trips or field work.

02 Easy to observe and control

    The display screen is adjacent to the control area where the handle buttons are located, making it convenient for inspectors to conduct on-site inspections. They can observe and operate with one hand at the same time. The line of sight is more concentrated, avoiding large-scale switching back and forth, and focusing more on inspection.

03 Lithium battery powered

    High-capacity lithium battery that can be used while charging, does not require a charging base, and complies with air transport regulations. When working in the field, just turn it on and get started quickly.

04 Rich interfaces for easy expansion

    There is a USB interface for connecting peripherals such as keyboards or U disks; there is also a digital video signal output interface for connecting to projectors, computer screens, etc., making it convenient for multiple people to observe and judge. With a portable industrial endoscope, you can not only enjoy the advantages of integration when climbing wind power towers for off-site inspection tasks, but also enjoy sufficient expansion space when necessary.

    A good handheld portable industrial endoscope often works hard on integrated technology, rather than relying on simplifying the structure or "shrinking" functions to achieve portability. Therefore, in addition to the above "portable" features, handheld portable industrial endoscopes are not inferior in terms of imaging clarity, display screen configuration, probe guidance, image processing, etc.

    Take the handheld portable industrial endoscope US18 as an example: it uses high quality as the imaging core; a 5.0-inch high-definition color IPS LCD display is scratch-resistant, has a large viewing angle, and the view can be zoomed in or out. This industrial endoscope has a high-quality image sensor, advanced image processing technology and optical lens technology. Even in dim places or places with strong reflections, it can detect subtle defects in a wide area with bright and clear images, greatly reducing the risk of The difficulty of the inspection work.

    Handheld portable industrial endoscopes are portable and easy to use, but this does not mean "simple" or "simplified". Choose carefully, and I believe you can also have an "not simple" industrial endoscope.

    The use environment of endoscopes is complex, and it is necessary to consider whether it is suitable for specific working scenarios. Not only must the diameter, length, and lens depth of field be selected, but also its waterproof, oil-proof, corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant properties must be taken into consideration. 

    The advantages of the handheld portable industrial endoscope are that it can be operated with one hand and the probe bending and brightness can be adjusted; the small probe size can detect narrow spaces that cannot be seen by the human eye; it has clear display, video and photo functions; it is small in size Small, light weight, reasonable portable structure, very convenient to use.

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