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UW21-MD80U 2-Way Articulating Borescope

QBH UW21-MD80U 2-Way Articulating Borescope


This is a handheld borescope, can realize real-time & non-destructive inspection of small spaces; widely used in the inspection fildes of Automotive, Pipelines, Machinery & Equipment, Chemical etc.

Product Features

Signal output mode :USB interface
2 way articulation snake camera ±180°, can detect hard-to-reach space,

no dead ends

Support: Android/IOS

LED 4 level brightness adjustable

Battery: The borescope can support the power for phone

Download mobile APP, with taking photo and video functions
Directly connect to OTG mobile phone, can review images
Computer Connectable


Snake tube

Model Image sensor Effective pixel Camera size View angle Camera light source Snake tube length
MD60U 1/9” CMOS 1280x720 Φ6.0mm 100˚ 0402 LED*8 0.8m
MD80U 1/5” CMOS 1600x1200 Φ8.0mm 80˚ 0603 LED*6 1.2m


Focus distance Light source adjustable Power supply mode Waterproof level Working temperature
20mm-50mm Level 4 brightness adjustable OTG Android mobile phone IP67 -10~60ºC

2-Way Articulating Borescope For Android IOS
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