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Handheld Borescope Camera

QBH KS02 Handheld Borescope Camera


This is a borescope, can realize non-destructive & real-time inspection of narrow spaces; widely used in the inspection fildes of Automotive, Pipelines, Machinery & Equipment, Chemical etc.

Product Features

✅Handheld design, simple operation, convenient to carry
2.7 inch LCD
LCD brightness, contrast ratio and saturability adjustable
Camera LED lights brightness adjustable, LCD 180˚
Powered by 4pcs AA battery, with battery indicator
function and low voltage shutdown protection


Snake tube

Camera dia. Effective pixel Focus distance View angle Tube length LED
Φ3.9 320*240 10mm-30mm 90˚ 1m standard (Max. 20m) 2X0402 LED
Φ5.5 640*480 30mm-80mm 60 ˚ 1m standard (Max. 20m) 6X0402 LED
Φ5.5 720*480 30mm-80mm 60 ˚ 1m standard (Max. 20m) 6X0603 LED

Screen specifications

Screen Snapshot and recording Working current Battery
960 x 240 2.7 inch screen No ≤300mA 4xAA
Handheld Borescope Camera
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