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Magnetic Pick up Tool

QBH T03 Magnetic Pick up Tool


The Magnetic Pick up Tool with LED enhances productivity and efficiency in tasks requiring the retrieval of metallic objects from difficult-to-access locations. Its robust design and integrated features make it suitable for professional mechanics, DIY enthusiasts, and everyday home maintenance.

Product Features

Total length: 650mm
Magnet dia.: 8mm, suction: 0.5kg
Magnet dia.: 13mm, suction: 1kg
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Key Features Applications Benefits
- Magnetic Retrieval:
Equipped with a powerful magnet, the tool attracts and securely holds metallic objects.
- Automotive Repair
- Home Maintenance
- DIY Projects
- Efficiency: Saves time and effort by swiftly retrieving items without the need for manual dexterity or extensive disassembly.
- Precision: The combination of magnet and LED ensures secure and accurate retrieval even in challenging environments.
- Versatility: Suitable for both professional use in mechanical and industrial settings and personal use in household tasks.
- LED Light:
Integrated LED light provides illumination for enhanced visibility in dark or confined spaces.
- Telescopic Shaft:
Some models feature a telescopic shaft that extends the tool’s reach, facilitating access to inaccessible areas without additional tools.
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