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Brake Fluid | Coolant Boiling Point Detector


This product is a automobile brake fluid/coolant boiling point detector. Detecting the boiling point of brake fluid to judge the quality of brake fluid is closely related to driving safety. This instrument is to detect the boiling point of brake fluid, quickly and accurately, measure the boiling point of automobile brake fluid (brake oil)DOT3/DOT4/DOT5 /DOT5.1, to help to maintain a car, widely used in automobile repair shop,4S shop and other automotive industry.

Product Features

Battery polarity reverse connection protection
The screen prompts operation steps, clear and simple
Applicable to test different types of brake fluid, can quickly and
accurately get the minimum boiling point (vaporization point) of brake
fluid, at the same time there are recommended minimum values.
No need to use consumable test strip, save cost.


Product specifications

Apply brake fluid type The Lowest boiling point (vaporization point)
DOT3, DOT4, DOT5, DOT5.1 100°C ~180°C (212°F ~356°F) ±3% 180°C ~320°C (356°F~608°F)

Working voltage Testing time Working temperature range
12V car battery 60 sec. 0°C~50°C
Brake Fluid Boiling Point Tester
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