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Multi-system Ignition Analyzer


WT05 is an instrument for gasoline engine: ignition coil/spark plug analysis.It can quickly and accurately locate the fault location of gasoline engine ignition system through the detection of capacitive sensor, so as to reduce the workload of maintenance and improve maintenance efficiency. It is suitable for gasoline engine spark plug ignition analysis instrument.

Product Features

LCD digital display
The sensor adopts capacitive sensor. High sensitivity
Flexible probe, easy to test
With protective rubber sheath, wear-resistant and anti-skid
Low power display, indicating whether to replace the battery
It can be placed horizontally or vertically for easy placement


1) Stay away from moving and hot objects
2)The specified input limit cannot be exceeded
3) Operate according to all safety and operation instructions in user manual


Product specifications

Screen Ignition system element Engine cycle
LCD display Plug coil, plug near coil,DIS conventional magneto 2 and 4 cycles and DIS(Distributless Ignition System)

Power supply Battery life The length of the probe
9V battery Approximately 20 hours (alkaline battery) 35cm, including capacitive sensor
Multi-system Ignition Analyzer
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