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Automobile Battery Tester


WT07 full protection battery power detector, professional analysis and testing equipment for judging the working ability of automobile battery. Battery detector can accurately measure the battery voltage, internal resistance, battery capacity, battery cycle life.

Product Features

LCD digital screen display, displaying clearly, test results easily shown
With protective rubber sheath, wear-resistant and anti-skid. Anti-fall,
not easy to fall broken
With clamp bite force, good contact measurement stability
Multiple functional tests:
Battery life measurement, analysis is good
CCA measurement (starting capacity)
Start load voltage test
Voltage test
Measure the internal resistance of battery
Charging system test
With reverse input protection function


Product specifications

Battery range Test method
CCA:100-1700;IEC:100-1000;EN:100-1700,DIN:100-1700 Four-line Kelvin test

Suitable for battery Scope of the battery Working temperature range
12V 3AH-250AH -10℃-50℃
Battery Load Electricity Tester
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