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Visual Inspecting Cleaning Borescope


This visual and cleaning borescope widely used in car evaporator cleaning, to clean small spaces and dead angles where inaccessible and hard to detach. With detergent used together it realizes NDT and cleaning easily and effeciently.  Compared with other brands of cars, the evaporation box of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other European cars is better covered, and the non-destructive entrance is narrow. We have developed an upgraded version of the cleaning endoscope by using the mini design probe, which can be inserted from the grille gap of the blower to achieve non-detachable visual cleaning.
The updated version of the cleaning borescope will have luxury maintenance services for continental cars , and enjoy a comfortable and healthy driving space.

Product Features

Ergonomics, streamline design, grip comfort
Metal snake tube, bend resistant, easy to fix
IPS screen full view image clear color restoration high
Micro memory + extended memory card multiple selection
450000 pixels camera, 80 degrees large view angle
Taking pictures, video recording and storing function
Strong and wide spraying nozzle


Snake tube

Image sensor Effective pixel Focus distance View angle Tube length LED
Forward spray CMOS sensor 640x480 30mm-80mm 60˚ 800mm 6X0603 LED
Side spray CMOS sensor 720x625 30mm-80mm 80˚ 800mm 2X0805 LED

Screen specifications

Screen Standby current Max. power Screen battery Working current
320(RGB) x 240 3.5 inch IPS screen <40 microamp <2W Built-in 1650 mAh 3.7V lithium battery <300mA


Operating air pressure Bottle(standard) Flow Image receiving
0.6-0.8mpa 250mL 1.7mL/s 3.3V
cleaning gun video
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