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Atomizing Spray Gun

QBH WX01L Atomizing Spray Gun


This is a portable pneumatic water-cooling nano atomizing spray gun. Application in automotive and home indoor space that with odor, bacteria and formaldehyde. Using together with disinfectant can decompose odor, kill bacteria and purify air efficiently.

Product Features

✅Neoteric appearance, comfortable handhold
Flashlight function, highlight LED, extending the vision without leaving off any contaminated area. Equippedwith18650battery, strong battery life.
USB direct charge, no need to disassemble the battery, more convenient and safer.
Using stainless steel fan-shaped nozzle, wide spraying area, uniform spray, not easy to block
Using high-strength plastic tee, no chemical reaction with the liquid, no clogging caused by corrosion and oxidation, durable.
Multilayer protection with high-quality sealing ring, strengthen the sealing, never leak
Equipped gravity ball for the suction tube, with gravity it can always keep
under the liquid no matter how you hold thesterilizer. So that the spray is smooth.

No heating, no change the liquid's properties


Main Specifications

Feature Specification
Model No. WX01L
Battery 18650 (2000mA)
Brightness ≥80000Lux
Atmospheric pressure 0.6-0.8mpa
Atomized diameter 0.5um
Flow ≥1.4ml/s
Valve control Mechanical valve
Weight 330g
Rechargeable or not Chargeable
Continuous lighting time Fully charged for more than 24 hours
Light bulb LED
Case Size (mm) 248 x 205 x 55
QBH WX01L Atomizing Spray Gun
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