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10 in 1 Air Quality Detector

QBH FT03 10 in 1 Air Quality Detector


Widely used for different environmental quality detections at home, in a car and office, etc. Real-time inspecting air quality from harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene to air pollution level, etc.

Product Features

Volume display
Time display
Power indicator
Air quality indicator light


PM2.5/PM0.3 inspection

Detection principle Testing particles number Measuring particle mass Sampling time Detection method Detection range
Laser scattering principle 2.5µg, 0.3µg PM2.5, PM0.3 3 seconds Concentration (per liter) 0-999ug/m3

Formaldehyde detection

Test items Detection range Detection principle Detection time Sampling mode Concentration unit
Formaldehyde and TVOC (including benzene) in the air 0.000~2.888mg/m3 (formaldehyde) 0.000~9.999mg/m3 (TVOC) Semiconductor gas sensor principle 5~10 minutes Diffusion type mg/m3

Display mode Temperature detection range Humidity detection range Input Battery capacity
LCD HD display -20°C~60°C 20-95%RH 5.0V/1A 2200mAh polymer lithium battery
QBH FT03 10 in 1 Air Quality Detector
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