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10 in 1 Air Quality Detector

QBH FT03 10 in 1 Air Quality Detector


Widely used for different environmental quality detections at home, in a car and office, etc. Real-time inspecting air quality from harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene to air pollution level, etc.

Product Features

Feature Description
HCHO Formaldehyde concentration measurement
TVOC Total Volatile Organic Compounds measurement
PM0.3 Measurement of particulate matter with diameter ≤ 0.3 micrometers
PM2.5 Measurement of particulate matter with diameter ≤ 2.5 micrometers
Volume display Displays the volume level of the environment
Time display Shows the current time
Power indicator Indicates the device's power status
Air quality indicator light Light that changes color to indicate air quality levels
Temperature Displays the current temperature
Humidity Indicates the current humidity level


PM2.5/PM0.3 inspection

Detection principle Testing particles number Measuring particle mass Sampling time Detection method Detection range
Laser scattering principle 2.5µg, 0.3µg PM2.5, PM0.3 3 seconds Concentration (per liter) 0-999ug/m3

Formaldehyde detection

Test items Detection range Detection principle Detection time Sampling mode Concentration unit
Formaldehyde and TVOC (including benzene) in the air 0.000~2.888mg/m3 (formaldehyde) 0.000~9.999mg/m3 (TVOC) Semiconductor gas sensor principle 5~10 minutes Diffusion type mg/m3

Display mode Temperature detection range Humidity detection range Input Battery capacity
LCD HD display -20°C~60°C 20-95%RH 5.0V/1A 2200mAh polymer lithium battery
QBH FT03 10 in 1 Air Quality Detector
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