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2-Way Articulating Borescope

QBH KS05 - MD60 2-Way Articulating Borescope


This is a handheld borescope, can realize real-time & non-destructive inspection of small spaces; widely used in the inspection fildes of Automotive, Pipelines, Machinery & Equipment, Chemical etc.

Product Features

3.5˝ screen
2-Way articulating probe ±180° can inspect any hard-to-reach
space without dead corner
Φ6.0mm dia. camera 450,000 pixels.
Screen brightness & 6*LED brightness can be adjusted
With image rotation function
With photo capturing and video recording function
TF card Max 32G


Snake tube

Image sensor Effective pixel Focus distance View angle Snake tube length LED adjusting Working current
CMOS sensor 720x625 20mm-50mm 68˚ 800mm 6 lamps, illumination can be adjustable ≤130MA


Screen Battery Working current Standby current Max. power
3.5 inch full-view LED screen 2000mAh lithium battery ≤400mA <40 microamp <2W

QBH KS05-MD60 2-Way Articulating Borescope Camera
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