Pipe inspection borescope, phone connecting borescope, portable inspection camera, Atomizing and inspection endoscope, and so on.

1)Industrial, mechanical inspection;

2) Aviation inspection;

3) Automotive maintenance and repairing

4) Subway inspection;

5) Marine industry inspection;

The core value of our products is to make inspection and searching with less effort.

We have 4 sizes of cameras with different pixels respectively





Yes. We have been serving as OEM/ODM factory for the worlds famous company. Our quality stays stable all along.

Rigid tube, Semi-rigid cord, Braid tube.

Our basic length of cord is 1 meter, but it can be customized to 20 meters.

The validity of the warranty of the evaporator gun is 6 months,
The other products’ warranty validity is 1 year.

Paypal/West union/Bank transfer/Credit card available.

We have CE, FCC, and ROSH.

Yes. Because of this, we can monitor the quality from sourcing to producing to finished products.