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This Portable Air Quality Detector Is Your Family's Ticket to Cleaner, Healthier Air

    Indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoors. Mold, chemicals, dust and other contaminants put your family's health at risk. Now, you can take charge of your home's air quality with the amazing new QBH Air quality Detector for home.

    This compact, portable device continuously monitors indoor air for pollutants. Advanced laser particle sensors detect PM2.5, VOCs, airborne bacteria levels and more. A built-in database recognizes over 1,000 common indoor air contaminants to provide the most comprehensive monitoring.

    "Indoor air pollution is a hidden threat in many homes. Our detector empowers families to identify issues early and take action," said QBH CEO Liuzhigang.

    The QBH Air Quality Detector lab-grade accuracy you can trust. Clear, real-time readings display on the bright LED screen and smartphone app. Custom alerts notify you when pollution levels exceed safety thresholds. 

    Designed for convenience, the lightweight detector operates wirelessly for flexible placement. The rechargeable battery lasts for months between charges.

    Breathe easier with the QBH Air Detector. Have confidence your home's air is clean, safe and healthy for your family. Learn more and get your own family's ticket to cleaner indoor air today!

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